Ways to contribute

The web version of the Savvy Garden app is and always will be free, without any ads, tracking or restrictions on the core functionality. I might offer a subscription service at some point, which would give access to suite of value-added-tools, like garden planning and reminders.

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The easiest way to help out is to spread the word, either via chat, social media or in person.

Buy me a coffee

For anyone wanting to make a small financial contribution, head over to my buy-me-a-coffee page.

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Add to the database

In the event you don't find the plant you're looking for, go ahead and add it yourself.

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Become a sponsor

For companies who's principles align with the my own, I'll be offering incentives to sponsor the apps development.

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Hire me

I'm available for freelance consulting on interesting projects. See my portfolio for more information.

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Write a post

For the bloggers out there, write a post about the app, so that your audience can share in the love.